IT Consultancy Services

I am an IT Consultant with over 30 years commercial experience delivering bespoke software solutions – and 40 years as an IT hobbyist!  I have built up expertise in a broad range of technologies in public and commercial industry sectors.  Yet I am still learning and I relish opportunities to work with outstanding individuals and to learn new methods and technologies.

I believe that the development of high quality, cost effective IT systems is a key business process in its own right and I have put considerable effort into evolving techniques to optimise IT development performance.

I can provide the following services on a contract basis to organisations in and around the North West of England:

Solution Architecture & Design

My years of experience have exposed me to a huge range of methods and algorithms and I have been able to bring this to bear in the design of IT applications and systems.  I have extensive knowledge of the UML modelling language and tools and have trained many other designers to use it effectively.

I believe that simplicity is the only way to a successful delivery – and even the most complex IT systems can be presented in a simplified way with careful analysis and design.

Business Analysis

I have experience in both Agile and more traditional business analysis approaches in Banking, Life Assurance, Retail and Call Centre environments.  I have trained & mentored teams of Business Analysts.  I have also produced support documentation and written User Guides and Online Help for client facing applications.

I am, above all, a communicator with an understanding of both Business and IT perspectives and a proven ability to learn, understand, translate and educate between the two.

Software Development

I’ve been developing software since I was 11 (that’s over 40 years ago) and still work with Java, .NET and Web technologies – including publishing a few Open Source projects on GitHub.  I’ve delivered systems on most platforms at one time or another from Mainframes to *nix VMs to Docker in AWS.